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METplus on Gadi

METplus is the enhanced Model Evaluation Tools verification framework that spans a wide range of temporal (warn-on-forecast to climate) and spatial (storm to global) scales.

The core components of the framework include the Model Evaluation Tools (MET), the associated database and display systems (METviewer and METexpress), and a suite of Python wrappers to provide low-level automation and examples.

Support Level: Supported on Gadi, but not owned by ACCESS-NRI

While ACCESS-NRI does not own the code, it actively supports the use of the METplus on Gadi. ACCESS-NRI provides access to the latest version of METplus via the access conda environment for Model Evaluation on Gadi.

For more information and tutorials, refer to the official METplus documentation:

Using METplus on Gadi

Load the metplus module as part of NCI project access to have all the commands and through $PATH on Gadi, run the following:

module use /g/data/access/ngm/modules
module load envs/metplus/5.0

Then run through the following steps:

1. Sample data can be downloaded from
You then need to untar the data in a directory on Gadi.
For example, ~/METplus directory.

2. Create a configuration file local.conf containing the input and output paths, where for example INPUT_BASE=~/METplus:

3. Save the demo configuration (e.g., ASCII2NC.conf) from this METPlus example to a local file.

4. Run METplus, passing it both the local.conf file and demo configuration, as follows: local.conf ASCII2NC.conf

Last update: June 19, 2024