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ACCESS-NRI Training Day 4 September 2023


  1. Running ACCESS-CM2 from ARE/Gadi
  2. Changing a suite run length
  3. Changing model physics options
  4. Troubleshooting example

ACCESS-NRI Intake Catalog

  1. Getting set up on the ARE
  2. Using the ACCESS-NRI Intake catalog
  3. Indexing a new model run


  1. Working with ILAMB


  1. Working with ESMValTool

Cloning the GitHub repository

For the training on Intake, ILAMB and ESMValTool, you will need to clone the ACCESS-NRI 2023 workshop training GitHub repo to Gadi as follows:

  1. Log in to Gadi

    ssh <your_nci_username>
    If you don't have an ssh connection setup for Gadi, you can use ARE's Gadi Terminal.

  2. Clone the ACCESS-NRI 2023 workshop training GitHub repo to your user directory within /scratch/nf33 on Gadi. Depending on whether or not you've used the nf33 project before, your user directory may or may not already exist.

    mkdir -p /scratch/nf33/$USER
    cd /scratch/nf33/$USER
    git clone

Last update: June 19, 2024