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ACCESS-NRI Training Day 4 September 2023


  1. Running ACCESS-CM2 from ARE/Gadi
  2. Changing a suite run length
  3. Changing model physics options
  4. Troubleshooting example

ACCESS-NRI Intake Catalog

  1. Getting set up on the ARE
  2. Using the ACCESS-NRI Intake catalog
  3. Indexing a new model run


  1. Working with ILAMB


  1. Working with ESMValTool

Cloning the GitHub repository

For the training on Intake, ILAMB and ESMValTool, you will need to clone this Github repo to Gadi as follows:

  1. Log in to Gadi

    ssh <your_nci_username>
    If you don't have an ssh connection setup for Gadi, you can use ARE's Gadi Terminal.

  2. Clone this Github repo to your user directory within /scratch/nf33 on Gadi. Depending on whether or not you've used the nf33 project before, your user directory may or may not already exist.

    mkdir -p /scratch/nf33/$USER
    cd /scratch/nf33/$USER
    git clone

Last update: April 22, 2024