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The ACCESS Ocean Model (ACCESS-OM) is a global coupled ocean model that includes ocean, ocean biogeochemistry, and sea ice components, linked together by a coupler.
The atmospheric fields that drive the model are provided by a data source, usually derived from reanalysis.


ACCESS-OM2 1 is a suite of coupled ocean-sea ice models originally developed by the Consortium for Ocean-Sea Ice Modelling in Australia (COSIMA).

ACCESS-NRI has released ACCESS-OM2 configurations as an adaptation of those originally developed by COSIMA.

There are global configurations for three spatial resolutions:

  • 1° horizontal resolution, 50 vertical levels.
  • 0.25° horizontal resolution, 50 vertical levels.
  • 0.1° horizontal resolution, 75 vertical levels.

For each resolution there are two options of atmospheric forcing:

  • Repeat Year Forcing (RYF)
  • Interannual Forcing (IAF)

Each configuration also has a biogeochemical (BGC) configuration that uses the Biogeochemistry Ocean component, if this is required.


BGC experiments are slower and generally consume more resources (compute time and disk space).

Model Components

  • Ocean: MOM5.
    Tripolar grid, 1° spatial resolution, 50 vertical levels.
  • Ocean: MOM5.
    Tripolar grid, 0.25° spatial resolution, 50 vertical levels.
  • Ocean: MOM5.
    Tripolar grid, 0.1° spatial resolution, 75 vertical levels.
  • Ocean Biogeochemistry: WOMBAT.
  • Sea ice: CICE5.1.2.
    Same grid as ocean.
  • Coupler: OASIS3-MCT.


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Last update: May 19, 2024