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Using the Hive Forum

The Hive Forum is a place for the ACCESS Community to come together, share ideas, organise and plan shared activities.

Getting ready

You can start a new discussion topic on the Hive Forum in just 3 simple steps:

Register for the ACCESS-Hive Forum

Create a new topic for your request
How to write a good help request

Tag the request with the label help

Ask on forum

Next steps...

After a discussion topic is posted on the forum, the ACCESS-NRI and community experts will respond with the relevant information by following a 5-step process, as below:

ACCESS-NRI monitors the topics tagged with the help keyword on a regular basis.

After a request is received, we will let you know within 1 working day if the request is in scope.

A helper will then follow the in scope, help request through to a resolution.

You will receive a progress update at least once a week.

Request is solved.

ACCESS-NRI Support Model

Last update: July 12, 2024