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Model Evaluation

The ACCESS-NRI Model Evaluation (MED) Team will provide guidance for model evaluation of the ACCESS suite. We will promote a systematic approach to model evaluation, using curated data sets and robust statistical practices. The team will work on enabling the community with existing tools on NCI Gadi and will develop new tools to facilitate model evaluation across the diverse ACCESS modeling community.


ACCESS-NRI is seeking support from the users to identify and prioritise the needs of the community. Our ambition is to facilitate the interactions between model components experts, observations and statistics to help constraining numerical models with observations, and allow for routine data-model comparisons.

ACCESS-NRI will offer:

  • Access to model evaluation tools on NCI.
  • Access to observational data sets used to evaluate ESM on NCI.
  • New tools and training on model evaluation.
  • Discussions around model evaluation approaches using forums.
  • Example of model evaluations.
  • Evaluation of the ACCESS suite outputs, including historic trends, observations and inter-model comparisons.
  • Quantitative performance metrics for the ACCESS suite.
  • A web-interface that offers search tools for finding experiments and observation data sets and facilitates model evaluation.
  • A web-interface for reporting evaluation and diagnostics of the ACCESS suite.

Last update: May 31, 2023
Created: May 31, 2023