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Data, Model Evaluation and Diagnostics (MED)

Model evaluation in climate science is the process of assessing the performance and reliability of computational models that simulate the Earth's climate system. It involves comparing model predictions to observed data to determine the model's accuracy and usefulness. In doing so, we can understand how well a model represents real-world climate processes and make predictions about future climate trends. Such rigorous model evaluation allows scientists to identify model strengths, weaknesses and uncertainties, as well as refine models to enhance their predictive capabilities.

Getting Started with MED

ACCESS-MED data and tools hosted on Gadi

Data Catalogues

Model Live Diagnostics

Supported Community Frameworks on Gadi

Tools in development

For the evaluation and diagnosis of ACCESS climate models, the following tools are currently being setup:

  • Data format processing tools like APP4
  • An Evaluation Recipe Gallery with searching functionality

While this work is in progress, you can refer to a collection of links to existing tools (not curated by ACCESS-NRI) in the community tab.

Last update: June 19, 2024