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ACCESS-Hive is a portal to all documentation relevant to the Australian Community Climate and Earth System Simulator, ACCESS, and the wider ACCESS community. ACCESS-Hive is developed for and by the ACCESS community following an open-source development model.

ACCESS-Hive is part of an effort to design higher quality and more accessible documentation for ACCESS and its community. Providing a single access point to any relevant documentation improves the accessibility and visibility of the documentation. As a portal, ACCESS-Hive provides links to documentation hosted on other sites. It is not intended to host the documentation itself.

ACCESS-Hive is curated to ensure it is relevant and of reasonable quality, and all links have an annotated summary to help you find what you need. Annotations also makes the in-built live search function extremely effective.

We at ACCESS-NRI acknowledge the Traditional Owners of the land on which our research infrastructure and community operate across Australia and pay our respects to Elders past and present. We recognise the thousands of years of accumulated knowledge and deep connection they have with all the Earth systems we simulate.

ACCESS-Hive is divided into major categories. For the desktop site categories are accessible from the tabs along the top of the header, in the mobile site from the hamburger button at the top left of the screen.


There is a system of tags to identify who supports the linked documentation or software, and the level of support you can expect:

Supported by ACCESS-NRI
Recommended by ACCESS-NRI
Community contributed

See the support page for details about the support levels: what is supported, by who, and how to access help.


How to Contribute

ACCESS-Hive is a community supported site, as such contributions to the ACCESS-Hive site are encouraged by any member of the community. Member of the ACCESS community are also welcome to become reviewers. Please refer to the contribution guidelines to learn how you can help the ACCESS community build a documentation database useful to everyone.


CC-BY The ACCESS-Hive site is covered by the CC-BY 4.0 license.

ACCESS-Hive contains links to other material which is covered by various licensing agreements. Users should directly refer to the terms and conditions of any material they are using to understand their rights and responsibilities.

Last update: February 1, 2023
Created: February 1, 2023