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The ACCESS Earth System Model (ACCESS-ESM) is a fully-coupled global climate model that includes atmoshpere, land, ocean, sea ice, ocean biogeochemistry and land biogeochemistry components, linked together by a coupler.
This means it can simulate both the physical climate and global biogeochemical cycles, in particular the carbon cycle.


ACCESS-ESM1.5 1 is a fully-coupled climate model with land and ocean carbon cycle components. ACCESS-ESM1.5 was developed primarily to enable Australia to participate in the Coupled Model Intercomparison Project Phase 6 (CMIP6) with an Earth System Model (ESM) version.

Model components

  • Atmoshpere: UM7.3, GA7.1 science configuration.
    N96 spatial resolution (1.875° x 1.25°), 38 vertical levels.

  • Land: CABLE2.4.

  • Land Biogeochemistry: CASA-CNP.

  • Ocean: MOM5.
    Tripolar grid, 1° spatial resolution, 50 vertical levels.

  • Ocean Biogeochemistry: WOMBAT.

  • Sea ice: CICE5.1.2.
    Same grid as Ocean.

  • Coupler: OASIS3-MCT.

ACCESS-ESM1.5 has an equilibrium climate sensitivity of 3.87°C for doubled CO2 concentration.


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Last update: May 19, 2024