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How to contribute guide

Although we encourage everyone to get involved and contribute to the ACCESS-Hive in order to adequately represent the needs of the entire ACCESS community, we recognise not everyone will have the time to do so. In case you do not have a lot of time, please consider sharing your ideas via issues on the ACCESS-Hive GitHub repository so someone might be able to add them to the ACCESS-Hive site for you.


The aim of this how-to is to enable you to:

  • add or modify a link to a new documentation in an existing page
  • contribute complex modifications, eg., add pages, modify the navigation, modify an existing page in depth etc.
  • how to deal with relevant documentation that is not currently on a website

Become a member of the ACCESS-Hive organisation

The ACCESS-Hive organisation is open to any member of the ACCESS community. Furthermore, organisation members have write access to the ACCESS-Hive repository which simplifies the process to contribute. Members can work from branches that contain their modifications instead of creating and maintaining their own forks.

As such, we encourage you to become a member of the organisation by replying to this issue and ask to be invited to join the organisation.

Process to contribute

This documentation is based on the Material for Mkdocs theme. Please see the documentation for the theme or for Mkdocs for a full explanation of all the capabilities.

The documentation is written in Markdown format. Please see this cheat sheet for a quick reference to the base syntax. Please note that Material for Mkdocs extends that syntax.

Additionally, ACCESS-Hive is a portal for documentation hosted elsewhere. The documentation you want to add needs to be available from an existing website. We realise people might have standalone files or other information to share, please see our Standalone documentation page for ways to easily upload your documentation to a site.

There are two main ways to contribute to the site:

  • you can modify an existing page directly from GitHub without any knowledge of Git. This is a simple way suitable to light modifications.
  • you can work on your local computer and use Git to manage your modifications. This is recommended for more involved modifications. It is the easiest way to modify the categories and menu structure used to navigate the site.

Last update: May 31, 2023
Created: May 31, 2023