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The Earth System Model Evaluation Tool (ESMValTool) is a tool developed for evaluation of Earth System Models in CMIP (Climate Model Intercomparison Projects). For more information, check the ACCESS-NRI ESMValTool-workflow at NCI.

YouTube Video Series

  1. What is ESMValTool?
  2. ESMValTool - NCI quickstart guide
  3. ESMValTool - The config user file
  4. Understanding ESMValTool recipes
  5. ESMValTool: Write your own recipes and diagnostics
  6. ESMValTool: CMORizing
  7. ESMValTool: Data Management
  8. ESMValTool: Debugging
  9. Visual Studio Code Workflow for Gadi

2023 ACCESS workshop

Last update: July 12, 2024