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Support levels

The site uses a system of tags to identify who supports the linked documentation or software, and the level of support you can expect:

Supported by ACCESS-NRI

Documentation that is actively maintained and supported by ACCESS-NRI. This is documentation that was either created by ACCESS-NRI, or it is existing documentation for which ACCESS-NRI has taken over responsibility.

Recommended by ACCESS-NRI

Documentation for third-party software that ACCESS-NRI recommends and facilitates the use of at NCI as a service to the community. This means ACCESS-NRI supports the infrastructure required to run the software, but not necessarily the software itself.

Community contributed

Documentation that is of use to the community, but is not explicitly endorsed or supported by ACCESS-NRI.

How to get help

Each entry on ACCESS-Hive links to another web site. There should be information on how to get help on the linked site. If there are no obvious channels for help, or the help is not adequate consider asking for assistance from fellow members of your community on the ACCESS-Hive forum.

In the case of ACCESS-NRI supported documentation and software, marked , if there is no information on how to get help, or your query is not appropriate for the support channels provided, please either ask on the ACCESS-Hive forum or contact ACCESS-NRI directly.

Last update: May 31, 2023
Created: May 31, 2023